Jane is a designer and musician living in New York City (you might have seen her zooming around town). She's orignally from Texas, though given her lack of Southern twang, people always say they never would have guessed. She can't believe her full name worked as a URL.
Design At Resonance

This is a short overview of my role at Resonance, starting with an overview of what Resonance is and where my approach to design fits in.

Computation Becomes Geometry

'Computation Becomes Geometry' is the title my undergrad thesis, the outline of which I'll be defending soon in hopes of being awarded a degree by the same name.


The contents of my research library. It's much, much larger than this, but needs more work and tidying before the entire thing can be exposed externally, so stay tuned!

Open Invite

Someone said that the vast majority of value in the world lies untapped, locked away in connections left unmade, and I'm starting to see how valuable that framing is.


Things are highly unpolished and experimental right now, so set expectations accordingly. Feedback extremely welcome.